Our Story



With hammers, drills, and saws in hand, we at Tokyo Chapter built ninetytwo13 alongside our artisan friends. 

We decided to take a less orthodox approach knowing that it is easy to make things that are pretty but difficult to make things that are meaningful.  After stripping away as much as we could to get back to the bones of the building, we traveled far and wide from rustic towns along the BlueRidge mountains of North Carolina to remote forgotten villages in the Nagano countryside and carried back with us reclaimed materials and objects containing stories and substance.

Our intention was to create a soulful space rooted in culture and memory curated to inspire a community of creators and foster meaningful relationships.

The Tokyo Chapter narrative is about freedom, forging our own paths. For us life is not a race to see who finishes first. It’s not about being the quickest, the strongest, the most beautiful, or the best. It's about whittling away excess as we practice the art that we love so that we may be able to fully realize our intentions and express ourselves honestly.


Tokyo Chapterの私たちは、自ら金槌やドリルや鋸を手に、美術スタッフと一緒になってninetytwo13を作り上げました。



Tokyo Chapterの物語のテーマは自由。自由に自分自身の道を築いていくこと。私たちにとって人生とは、誰が最初にゴールを切るかということではありません。大勢の中で一番速いかどうか、強いかどうか、美しいかどうか、そういったことではないのです。それは、余計なものを削ぎ落とし、私たちが心から愛するものを追求するうちに、見えてくるものなのかもしれません。